How to make three dimensional rectangular frames?

In ai want to make a three-dimensional rectangular frame, how to make three rectangular frames? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

How does ai make a three-dimensional rectangular frame composed of lines? Ai wants to design a rectangular effect of a rectangular frame made by a line, how to make it? Here we take a look at the detailed tutorial, the friends you need can refer to

1. After opening Illustrator, the fill will be closed, the stroke will be set to a color, and then the size will be set to 1pt.

2, then make a rectangular frame on the blank canvas , as shown in the figure, the color is random, then copy the rectangular frame to the lower right corner position, replace another color

3. Double-click to open the blending tool options bar, set the spacing to 88 or more steps, and then determine

4, this time you can directly click on two graphics to do mixing , or select these two graphics boxes, and then press ctl + alt + b can also be mixed successfully

5, as shown in the figure, after mixing, the two graphics form a rectangular frame with a stereo effect.

6. If you want to change the color, you can use the white arrow to select one of the anchor points, and then change to a black arrow , so that one of the rectangular frames is directly selected, and then adjust its color.

The above is a tutorial for making a three-dimensional rectangular frame in ai. I hope everyone likes it, please continue to pay attention to the script house.