Color correction and toning of photos

Color correction is changing the original colors of the original, correcting the brightness and saturation of photos. Often, color correction is necessary to improve the picture, when, due to specific lighting or incorrect settings of the shooting equipment, the real colors in photographs are completely different. In this case, there is a need for more realistic reproduction of colors, lightening or darkening the image in order to make the picture more attractive. Also, color correction is used to solve creative problems of a photographer, when you want to convey a special atmosphere and mood of a photo session.


Based on the basics of color harmony and the correct combination of colors, as well as the latest modern methods of color correction in Adobe Photoshop, I offer you color correction services for your images . I perform fine color correction of photo shoots, reportage shooting, etc. I work with orders from 10 photos of the same type.

Bringing the image to full contrast: Sets the white and black points.
Setting the chromatic balance (getting rid of the parasitic hue): gray dot.
Channel-by-channel enhancement of the contrast of significant subjects.
Photo stabilization for reference.