What things involve in Jewelry Retouching

Product photography is widely used in product advertising. The correct perception of visual information by consumers plays a major role in making decisions about the choice of goods and influences the purchase. This is why it is so important to present your product in the best possible way. Images should be tasty, evoking pleasant associations and a desire to own the product.

Retouching enhances the attractiveness of products and eliminates their shortcomings. Correct framing, background, angle and lighting are essential.

I offer you professional product retouching services for catalogs of online stores, social networks, and printed advertising materials. I will perform high-quality processing of photos in Photoshop for you, effectively presenting goods. Create sales photos that make items look perfect. Retouch photos of clothes, food, technical equipment, a variety of goods, etc. 

Retouching jewelry involves:

  • elimination of defects (scratches, dents);

  • metal grinding and polishing;

  • processing of precious stones;

  • adjusting the shape of the product;

  • cleaning or replacing the background;

  • color correction;

  • raising the contrast;

  • sharpening;

  • Cropping a photo.

The cost of subject retouching and processing of jewelry depends on the complexity of the task and the number of photos in one order. You can find out the price by sending photos to photoeditinghq@gmail.com having estimated the scope of work, I will formulate the exact cost for you.

Jewelry must look flawless. But it often happens that photography of jewelry turns out to be unsuccessful, and in photographs the jewelry looks worse than in reality: the stones look dull, faded, the metal turned out to be faded, covered with a mesh of small scratches and dents, tiny defects are visible during macro photography. Maximum magnification of the object shows minor defects which are not visible to the naked eye in life.  All these shortcomings can be corrected in the processing of photos after shooting. 

Subsequent processing and retouching of jewelry allows you to correct any flaws , remove scratches, dust, plaque and other defects, make stones brighter and shining, metal shine, without a single defect, you can correct the background , correct the shape of the jewelry, and crop the photo more successfully. Retouching jewelry ornaments attached presentation, increasing their attractiveness in the eyes of customers, makes compelling photos.