8 American Photographers You must know about

American Best Photographers: In this post we have included the 15 Top and Most famous American Photographers who have inspired the world with their creative and mindblowing photography.Each of these american photographers have their own specialities, some of them are no more but their legend still carries and is a great inspiration for budding photographers. Who would have thought that war photos would have been so famous, have a look at our post and you will know what we are talking about. Our best photographers list follows,

1. Steve McCurry – Famous United States Photographer

Steve McCurry is one of the most successful and respected living photographers in USA.He continued in photojournalism on graduation, and in 1978, having saved a bit of money, was drawn to the visual possibilities of India. It proved a pivotal experience; the inspiring diversity of colour, life and activity prolonged a six week trip to a two year adventure. He travelled throughout the Subcontinent, exploring India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

famous american photographer


2. Ansel Adams – Famous American Photographer

Ansel Adams is quite popular for his black and white photography. Most of Adam’s photography was taken in the wilderness of California particularly in Yosemite National Park.He is famous for developing the ‘zone system’, which is a method for providing black and white photos with a full range of contrasting tones. famous american photographer



3. Galen Rowell – Famous American Photographer

Galen Rowell was excited by mountainous landscapes and nature on a big scale. He worked in colour and many of his photos use striking dawn, or evening, light to emphasise the intensity of natural colours in mountainous landscapes. Rowell was tragically killed in a plane crash at just 62.

famous american photographer

4. Annie Leibovitz – Famous American Photographer

Annie Leibovitz is one of the most modern photographers. She has produced some of the most striking and well known portraits and fashion photos. She has a way of fine tuning the lighting in her shots to conjure a precise mood. She also uses really bold compositions to make strong statements about her subjects. famous american photographer

5. Richard Avedon – Famous Photographer – America

Richard Avedon was a real pioneer in fashion photography. He produced a large body of work that reflected and impacted popular culture throughout the 20th century. He’s definitely one of the most famous American photographers of all time.

famous american photographer

6. Irving Penn – Famous American Photographer

Irving Penn was a real perfectionist in every area. If you get the chance to visit an exhibition of his work you’ll see just how sharp and impressive the prints are. Penn applied a special coating to his photographs to give them a really gorgeous finish.

famous american photographer

7. Joe Rosenthal – Famous United States Photographer

Joe Rosenthal was one of the most famous war photographers in USA. He won a Pulitzer for his famous Iwo Jima flag raising photo in 1945 and was one of the best known war photographs.”Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima” has become a major cultural emblem in the United States. It has come to represent not just military achievement, but all collaborative endeavour and success. famous american photographer


8. Mathew Brady – Famous United States Photographer

Mathew Brady is my favourite of several famous American photographers from the American Civil War. His photos bring to life the people, places and events of that period, including Abraham Lincoln himself.