Replacing faces in photos in Photoshop

Photoshop gives us tremendous opportunities for creativity and experimentation. And for me, as a professional retoucher, I also have the opportunity to professionally implement the most daring ideas.
Clients often come to me with unusual requests. For example, transfer their face to the body of your favorite character to make yourself a cool avatar on social networks, on Instagram . Or make a funny photo collage for the whole family, where everyone’s face will be transferred to a separate character. A picture from a photo is very popular . Collectives like to order, for example, a montage of the picture “How the Cossacks wrote a letter to the Turkish Sultan”, where each character was transferred the face of one of the employees. A funny and unusual gift for the leader on a significant date.

In some cases, replacing a face in Photoshop is a must. For example, after a photo shoot, you find that you don’t have the perfect shot. In one photo, you have a beautiful pose, and in the other, you have a perfect facial expression. What to do in this case? Then I transfer my face from one photo to another, thus creating one stunning shot.
Not everyone can do a face photomontage on their own. But I know how to achieve a great effect without any visible Photoshop traces. 

Cases when you need to replace the face:  

  • Correcting bad facial expressions in a photo shoot when the overall picture is good.
  • Selection of hairstyles for face shape and type.
  • Creation of a humorous cartoon.
  • An unusual gift for friends or a practical joke.
  • Create a painting from your photo.
  • Photomontage of a picture on a monument.
  • When restoring old photographs.

We agree, this service is not known to all, and many probably will treat it with skepticism. But in our experience, this simple way can be both fun and really create the perfect photo. Are you interested? Contact us, we will be glad to help you!