How to remove the product background and pull out the product


Because Taobao can not see the physical products when shopping, buyers can only judge based on the pictures they see. Some sellers will not make the products look good because they will not perform image processing. For example, the background of the product is not good enough to render The quality of this product, so a good product background is also very particular about drops! There are many ways to change the background of the product. The following is the simplest and most practical background method for Guangzhou Meidi Taobao Art Training.

First: Open the picture with PS

Second: Select the blue channel in the “channel”

Third: Copy the blue channel, press and hold Ctrl+I to invert

Fourth: Press Ctrl+L to get the following dialog box,

Fifth: modify the input level

Sixth: “Select” > “Loading Constituencies”. After confirming, you will see many ant lines. !

Seventh: Back to the layer, select the background layer, press Ctrl + J, go to the background layer, succeed!

Eighth: Copy the layer one to make the color darker.

Ninth: Use the eraser tool to wipe out the next unwanted thing

Tenth: Success! Can now upload to web albums

Of course, before uploading, you can try to find some beautiful background replacements to see the effect, or change the background color is also good, you can boldly try it!