Product Photo Editing

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E-commerce industry is growing as more people prefer to buy things online. Also, they get best deals and offers for a particular product at the comfort of their home. Some of the E-commerce giants are Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba and E-bay. There are millions of e-commerce firms catering a wide range of products.

Product plays the backbone of any e-commerce firm. A product should be well presented to the user. Here, in the online media, a user cannot physically sense the product. Hence the buying decision majorly depends on the product photo or image and its description. Product Photo Editing is a process of enhancing and optimizing the quality of a product by editing various parts of photo using certain image editing software. This will remove any visual defects from the photo and make it look natural and appealing to the buyers. A good and explanatory product photo will enable the buyer to make the all important purchase decision.

Types of Product photo editing services for Amazon and Other E-commerce Firms :
There are certain types of popular e-commerce photo editing services which amazon and other firms rely on. A brief overview is given below.
Background removal / replacement – The product will look better when the background is white. Often the background affects the vision of the product. Hence, the background removal process is applied to obtain a pure white background. It is an important process in Amazon Product Photo Editing Process.

Color correction –

The color correction involves contrast and brightness adjustment. The color temperature should be increased to make the product photo brighter and lively. The vibrant colors will make a strong appeal to the visual sense of customers.
Image cropping and photo cut out service – Image cropping is a photo editing process in which various portions of the product images are clipped and showcased to give the viewers a good perception different product angles.

Adding Watermark/Logo

Every brand wants to show its product with an unique identity. Adding a watermark and logo to the product will give it a unique representation and also protect its unauthorized use.
Image resize – There is a photo zoom facility in Amazon and major e-commerce sites. When you click on a product photo, it will display the selected image areas in bigger view. Hence, Amazon product photo editing needs resizing the images to higher pixels or resolution without compromising the photo quality.

Tag Removal

Tag removal process refers to the technique of removing certain unwanted portions from the product photo like extra glare, scratches, spots etc. This kind of product photo editing is common for apparels and jewelry.
Noise reduction – A noise is a redundant pixel in an image. For example, When an product image is shot in high ISO setting, it will have more noise. To reduce the noise and make the product image clear, noise reduction process is applied using various softwares like Photoshop, Lightroom, Coral etc.

Image Masking

In this process, various techniques like layer masking, translucency/transparency masking, alpha channel masking are used to display certain portions of the image while hiding other portions. It is a non-destructive product photo editing process which makes the image more spatial and multi-dimensional.

Crucial factors to consider while choosing Product Photo Editing Service

The below points are worth considering:
Understanding of products
Category of products handled
Volume of products able to delivered
Speed and Accuracy
Reliability of Service