Delete Youtube Watermark With Muserk (Not Applicable In China)

Delete Watermark

Qiao Ying has established a partnership with Muserk to remove the “Qiao Ying produced” watermark and improve the sound quality for free.

You can download and use the Muserk songs for free at the Qiaoying material store. The watermarks in the videos are automatically deleted when you share them on Youtube.

Please note that songs are for personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes. Please refer to the Muserk License Agreement on the Qiaoying website for confirmation of all authorization information The main contents are as follows (please read the full agreement fordetails ):

  • Individual users may not use videos that use songs for commercial purposes.
  • If a song is used, Qiao Ying can use the personal video for commercial purposes (ie, some viewers of the personal channel need to watch the advertisement).
  • To delete the watermark, make sure that most of the video background music should be clearly audible.

For complete use of Muserk music please refer to the following process.

  1. Create a new project or open an existing project.
  2. Click on the material store music and select the songs in the Muserk list and select Download .
  3. Once the download is complete, you can select and add the Muserk song to your project in the audio browser of your music material .
  4. Click OK to exit the audio browser to continue editing the project. To delete the watermark, make sure that most of the music in the video is clearly heard. If the volume is too high or too small, the watermark may not be deleted successfully.
  5. Project Editor After clicking Share and share the video to Youtube .
  6. Click Agree to continue .
  7. Choose the export quality. The Youtube dialog window will appear after the export is complete. Enter the relevant information and click Upload .
  8. The watermark has been deleted! You can now enjoy free videos and high quality audio without watermarks.