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Clipping Path India

Clipping path is the name of technique which is usually used to knockout the background from the original image while considering the most important service in the era of graphics production history. It’s also being used for giving attractive shapes to an image, adjusting or sorting portions in an image or in creating layouts. Digital photographers, ad agents, web development companies, magazine companies, brochure and prepress publishing houses are gradually taking the clipping patch service for their prospective work purpose. Wide range of developments in technology is another big reason for its rapid popularity.

Photo Editing HQ is providing the following Clipping path Services:

  • Simple or Basie Clipping Path
  • Compound clipping Path
  • Complex Clipping Path
  • Super Complex Clipping Path

Simple/Basis Clipping Path:

Simple or basic clipping path is an elementary option for removing or making out the background from the original images. Gorgeous quality level may be ensured with the manual clipping path very efficiently. Photo Editing HQ is offering fully manual or hand drawn simple clipping path services. Basically it can be assumed as a work principle for an easy approach. Simple or Basic Clipping Path approach is usually applied on shapes and sizes in different platform of various items or in products.

Compound Clipping Path:

Compound Clipping Path is a combination of much more multi inclusive or exclusive paths. It may be consisted of low attached transparencies like holes, usually five up to ten closed paths as well as consisting much more outlining curves on it. The concept of Compound Clipping Path is much tougher concept from the general clipping path approach. Highly experienced and professional guys are required for this type of clipping path services while the job has to be done with utmost professional perfections.
Photo Editing HQ is offering the most elegant and decent compound clipping path services around the globe with maximum quality level at most attractive pricing and quick turnaround.

Complex Clipping Path:

Photo Editing HQ is the most unique and appreciating name to the global consumers around the globe. We are providing the most gorgeous complex clipping path service provider around the universe with the highest quality level of satisfaction at most affordable pricing and within very minimum turnaround. Complex Clipping Path is a combination of much more single closed paths like basic curves including merely oval shaped or in straight line where there are no enclosed transparencies while not much or more holes are visualized. It is a more critical Clipping Path approach rather than the other clipping path techniques.

Super Complex Clipping Path:

The main objective of Super Complex Clipping Path is for applying it on various products or objects with manual or hand drawn clipping path accuracy. The main concern of super complex clipping path specifications are a lot of numerous embedded semi transparencies or transparencies with holes or in abundant curves. Super Complex Clipping Path is considered as more sensitive and most complex clipping path approach or technique. It is basically used or applied on the Fine edge jewelries, flower bouquet, models or in various natural items.


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