Artistic retouching, photo processing in Photoshop

artistic retouch photo processing

Agree, the photographer does not always manage to catch the moment when your face takes on its most beautiful expression, and the light falls perfectly on your skin. It happens that the photo does not show the colors of clothes or makeup, or the hairstyle does not look perfect. We all want to look beautiful in photos, without unnecessary wrinkles, with young, natural skin, neat hairstyle and perfectly ironed clothes.
A good photograph expresses emotions, a look, the inner world of the person depicted in it, reflects the photographer’s creative idea, conveys an artistic history. And if such trifles as “floating” makeup or a double chin prevent the picture from becoming perfect – how to save a good shot?

If your photos do not satisfy you with their result, if you want to look younger or slimmer, you need a photo retoucher or, as people say, a photoshop. Having the necessary knowledge and professional skills of a retoucher, you can improve the quality of photos, make the change in appearance neatly, perform editing naturally and without traces of Photoshop. You cannot even imagine how brighter and more attractive your photos can become, and how much more beautiful and graceful you can look on them!

Professional image processing and retouching in Photoshop allows you to change the picture of your choice, to implement the boldest your ideas to improve the look, add a photo to an inscription, ornaments, and other graphic elements or, alternatively, to remove unnecessary items. Retouching helps to make a photo beautiful, professional, high quality.

Photoshop can turn even a very mediocre photo into a masterpiece if you use a creative approach. Skillful processing brings the photo to perfection. Retouching services are an individual work with each client, attention to detail and a fanatical love for their work. Meticulous manual work allows you to achieve amazing results in changing your appearance!

Photo Retouching Service include the followings:

  • Correction of brightness, contrast and light, color correction;
  • Cropping, correcting the “blocked” horizon, wrong perspective;
  • Elimination of defects in the photo, removal of unwanted objects, cleaning of the shooting location;
  • Background replacement;
  • Skin cleansing while preserving texture (removing wrinkles, pimples, moles or freckles (if necessary), bruises under the eyes, and other defects);
  • Red eye removal;
  • Teeth whitening;
  • Giving expressiveness to the eyes, whitening proteins, removing streaks in the eyes;
  • Correction of the shape of the face and figure (reduction of the waist, breast augmentation, correction of the shape of the nose, cheekbones, eye enlargement);
  • Hair retouching: removal of excess hairs (on the background and face), hair addition, volume and shine of the hairstyle, color correction, tinting of hair roots;
  • Make-up retouching: improving the shape of the eyebrows, correcting the color of lipstick and lip shape, applying blush, eyeliner, false eyelashes;
  • For men: removing stubble or vice versa – painting a beard;
  • Smoothing wrinkled clothes.

Magazine Photo Retouching

If you are looking for high-end or high-end retouching, then you shouldn’t overly trust apps, your neighbor, or your own Photoshop skills. . Of course, if you or your neighbor is not professional retouchers Deep retouching is not used for photos, the purpose of which – published in social networks, printing for the home album. First of all, because the professional processing of a photo takes not 15 minutes, but several hours. This is painstaking, complex, delicate and at the same time voluminous work that requires attention and special skills in working with the tools of the program.

Magazine retouching is used commercially. The very essence of filming lays the foundation and solid support for the tone of photography, its style, composition, dynamics, processing. Mainly, high end processing is used for:

Beauty filming : Beauty retouching for such works will consist in highlighting makeup, deep and detailed elaboration of the skin. The purpose of such filming is to demonstrate skincare or decorative cosmetics. Therefore, the main emphasis will be placed directly on the product itself and on the “face” that presents the cosmetics.

Fashion filming : This is a huge layer on which the fashion industry is based. Branded items should be shown exclusively by perfect models. Agree, not a single item from the new Dior collection will look exquisite on a model whose face glows with a greasy shine and is dotted with craters of enlarged pores. Glamorous retouching will give the face the necessary gloss.
In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”
Advertising works : The focus of the photographs will be on a specific subject. But marketing strategists are constantly trying to bring the picture to life. For example, rings are shown not in boxes, but on the hands of models. In this case, on the skin of hands, too, must run a wizard-retoucher and make a glossy skin and showcase the beauty without flaws.

Deep portrait retouching in Photoshop allows the following :

  • working out the facial skin – eliminating or smoothing wrinkles, eliminating age spots, acne, oily sheen and other skin imperfections;
  • make-up correction;
  • eye treatment – removal of cobwebs of red vessels, focus on the pupil, etc.;
  • lengthening of the neck;
  • processing of nails, cuticles;
  • elimination of excess hair;
  • emphasizing expressive body curves;
  • the study of the peri-armpit cavities.