Jewellery Photo Retouching Service

is really a challenging task to provide the jewellery editing services with a kind of satisfaction & requirements of customers. At Image Editing India we love to accept the kind of inevitable challenges that ensure our dedications, capability, sincerity & moreover the quality of services that we provide.

Jewellery products are the most demanding products that not only make you feel better & bring you beauty in front & show the attractive personality you possess. It also increases the level of confidence. But the value depends upon the way of presenting the products by opting the Jewellery Photo Editing Services.


Considering our clients differentiated needs and likings, we have categorized the jewelry retouching into two basic levels.

1) Cutout and light retouching :  This is the basic level and can be useful for imitation or semi precious kind of jewelry where the product should look beautiful placed on the monocolor background .

2) High End Retouching :  For detailed retouching of precious jewelry, We provide high end jewelry service. Our expert retouching professionals edit images with a beautiful metallic effect and enhance the stones/diamonds to finally create truly compelling images.


Our jewelry retouching services include:

• Color correction is a must-have thing in jewelry editing process.

• All Photoshop commands should be made naturally and without “over retouched” effect.

• Removing zits, unnecessary spots from the items.

• Background retouching required in every jewelry editing direction. Clear background – big sales.

• Adjusting contrast and improving shadows.

• Making additional shining to the photos for a stunning look.

• Deleting defects in order to make the best and most sold items catalogue.

• In jewelry editing pay close eye to the key stone and pick-ups.



Why Choose Us

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