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Jewellery Photo Retouching Service

Jewelry Photo Retouching is really a challenging task with a kind of satisfaction & requirements of customers. It needs a good skill of camera lighting and focus adjustments to present the jewellery visuals in its truest state. Even with the best photographers at place, it is hard to achieve an accurate photo of the jewellery. A Jewellery must be presented in an appealing way to its customers. For this purpose, jewellery retouching services are used. In this technique, the jewellery image or photo is edited using Photoshop software to remove any scratches or spots, straightening the image, make it brighter and perform color correction in order to make the product and its elements (such as gems, stones etc.) more visible.

Photo Editing HQ is a preferred outsourcing destination for your Jewelry Photo Editing Service requirements. A Jewelry photo editing and retouching needs more time and attention compared to other photo retouching services. Customers are very selective while purchasing jewelry online. A perfect piece of jewelry can not only enhance your look but also boosts your confidence. Our experienced Jewelry photo editors and retouchers have the right mix of talent and craftsmanship to remove the minute possible defect from your jewelry. The Jewelry photo editing is done by our professionals can cater services like jewelry background editing, removing any unwanted spots and marks in the jewelry image, color and illumination improvement, fixing the faded part of the image, making the gems and diamonds shiny and creating a natural glow etc.


A good Jewellery retouching service will definitely help to increase the sales. Online sales are increasing and people are choosing to buy jewellery from the comfort of their home. In this context, the jewellery image will play a deciding factor. If the photo is blurred or of low qualify with poor lighting and background then customers are tend to browse away from the site in search of better products.Hence, it is an absolute need to seek a professional jewellery retouching service. You can rely on such a service as it builds your brand value in the market and makes you stand apart from your competitors.

Considering our clients differentiated needs and choice, we have categorized the jewelry retouching into two basic levels.

1) Cutout and light retouching :  This is the basic level and can be useful for imitation or semi precious kind of jewelry where the product should look beautiful placed on the mono-color background .

2) High End Retouching :  For detailed retouching of precious jewelry, We provide high end jewelry service. Our expert retouching professionals edit images with a beautiful metallic effect and enhance the stones/diamonds to finally create truly compelling images.

Our jewelry retouching services include:

• Color correction is a must-have thing in jewelry editing process.

• All Photoshop commands should be made naturally and without “over retouched” effect.

Jewelry Retouching services
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