Clipping Path Service

Clipping path is the core service that provides opportunity for the editors to be at their creative best.

Our experienced professionals create a hand drawn clipping path (vector path) around your model or product photos. The clipping path can then be used to make a selection in Photoshop. Clipping path is also recognized when importing your images into a pagination application such as Indesign or QuarkXpress. Clipping path is the most essential part of quality photo editing service for a professional image. When you are in business and you want to market a product, you will need a perfect photograph of your product. But if your product don't have a appropriate background, then it wont attract the customers. This clipping path services help you to remove the entire background from the object. There are various tools to edit images. As we all know photoshop is one among them and pen tool is one of the best. Clipping path mainly refers to cut out the image by photoshop pen tool. If once the clipping is done using pen tool then the outside of the line or path will be removed from the image.

When you outsource your clipping path needs to, you are saving both time and money. We can also provide multiple clipping paths for color correction and photo retouching. Our clipping path service is perfect for hard edged products.

We offer a 2 hour delivery options for our clipping path service. Our 24/7 chat support staff are always available to help you if you need any assistance.

Everyone, who needs to process their images for the purpose of publishing either online or other publications. But most commonly Digital photographers, Website Design Corporation, e-commerce, newspaper agencies, graphic studio, and others utilize these features constantly as these enhance the value of the images of being used to make a point. Additionally, our skilled photo editor ensures that clipping services are employed to remove the background without compromising the quality.

Facilities to Outsource Clipping Path Services from us:

Clients can get human resources at reasonable rates, quality is guaranteed, no risk of adding any extra infrastructure for Clipping Path Services. Media agencies print, catalogue and brochure makers will agree to these points.

Media firms for their advertising promotions require several photo treatments where Clipping path is a basic need. So they can outsource clipping path services from us at a cheaper cost and without any hassle.


Clipping path is necessary at the first place if you want to remove the background or masking, multi path, neck joint, retouching and drop shadow. To be honest, Adobe Photoshop is the best software to do perfect clipping path service. Our Clipping Path experts are able to draw all paths manually using only Photoshop pen tools. After drawing with Photoshop pen tool, the object created in the path remains intact while those appear outside the path gets erased giving fine edges of your photo image. The studio is always equipped with the latest programs to cater to many kinds of editing processes. Advanced editors are trained to learn the new software. They also conduct experiments before giving customers a free run for their jobs. Constant innovation is essential to keep on the forefront of the competition. It is the human resource team in the studios that are always dependable to perform their best.


Clipping path is generally branded as remove or erasing of background, knocking out image background or exactness. Photo Editing HQ (PEHQ) provides ideal handmade clipping path service with keeping best superiority, modest prices and quick turnaround era. The pen tool is the most distinct key to make a top excellence clipping path. Trained graphic artists can able to guarantee that all particulars are measured with the high quality clipping path. Let us assist you save both time and money. Send us this, frequently the most rhythmic, labor concentrated part in your production workflow and we will add in an perfect clipping path and send the awesome edited image back to be supplementary processed by you as you see fit.


Clipping Path Experts covers simple clipping path, compound clipping path, medium clipping path, complex clipping path and super complex clipping path. Our clipping path service company is working with world famous media, fashion houses, printing media, e-commerce agencies, professional photographers and other creative companies. If you are looking for best clipping path service, get a free quote before ordering.

Types of Clipping Path:

We have classified our clipping path services into 5 categories that are based on product photos, complexity or target products. We are also providing Layer masking, Alpha channel embedded, transparent masking etc as your requirement.

  • Simple Clipping Path
  • Compound Clipping Path
  • Medium Clipping Path
  • Complex Clipping Path
  • Super Complex Clipping Path


Simple Clipping Path Simple clipping path is generally applied in straight or rectangular product with no hole or a minimum number of holes. If you want to remove the background of a wine glass image, just apply a clipping mask around the wine glass image. As a result, you will get the entire background removed of the image keeping the object constant.

Compound Clipping Path Compound clipping path is applied mostly in the products which have few curves and a few holes. To remove the background of a compound image like a bag, you need to create a clipping mask and fill all the holes or loops by clipping path. As a result, the object will keep constant and the entire background will be removed.

Medium Clipping Path Medium clipping path includes multiple holes and multiple curves. It is generally harder than compound clipping path. If you want to remove the background of a medium image like an earring with multiple holes, you need to apply many anchor points. Create a clipping mask adding the anchor points around the earring. Then you have to create path on the holes. For multiple holes, create multiple paths on the holes. That is how you will get the entire background removed.

Complex Clipping Path Complex clipping path service is applied in the products which are detailed and not so solid. As an example, a neckless is a complex product. A high number of anchor points are used in a neckless. Cause, necklesses usually remains long and having a large number of holes. Our complex clipping path service helps you to remove the background of any kind of complex product. It is also applied to various products such as chain, furniture, bracelets, jewelry, etc.

Super Complex Clipping Path Super complex clipping path is usually applied on giant products with double holes. It is used in different type of complicated designs like fence, zigzag, cross designs etc. It is applied in various products like chains, nets, cycles, dolls etc. Suppose you want to remove the background of a cycle. You have to add many anchor points and fill up all the holes of the cycle.

Photo Editing HQ is the promising name in case of providing the best photoshop clipping path service while ensuring the maximum quality with guaranteed satisfaction. Clipping path is the most essential and key factor for else of image editing service like image masking, image manipulation, photo retouching, image re sizing, shadow creation, color correction and so on. We believe in utmost dedication and maximum quality services. We ensure quality background removal service which has no alternative process. Our experts use Photoshop Pen Tool for background removal service. Our experts are also doing 100% handmade image processing service for our clients.

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Being a professional photographer is not only shooting and retouching photos but also constantly improving your business – growing your personal brand popularity and getting new clients.

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