Photo Editing HQ for all Photoshop Outsourcing

We are here to do all Photoshop works like Manual Clipping Path, Image Cutout from Background, Ghost Mannequin Removal, Product Photo Resizing and Retouching Services.


Clipping path is a closed path or a shape drawn in Photoshop for selection of a particular area of a person or an object. It is used to cut out the selected area from the image. It is majorly used to change the background. Photo Editing HQ has qualified Clipping path Experts who use Photoshop pen tool to cutout the product image and leave it on white background at low cost.

Converting raster to vector is when raster files are manually recreated in vector format. This process can be automated, however, the results are typically not ideal. The best way to truly convert a raster to a vector file is to expertly recreate the original image by hand. Regardless of where you’re located, we have a sales and support team that works 24/7 to serve our international clientele.

The natural shadow, like the term suggests, gives the image a natural look. At Photo Editing HQ our professional retouchers know how to place drop shadow, reflection shadow or natural shadow to make it look natural and elegant. Image shadowing service is provided by the designers of Photo Editing HQ for all reflection, drops shadow and natural shadowing services.

Background removal is done to change background color or to make the background transparent of a product or a person or object. A closed Clipping Path is done with Photoshop pen tool and the background is knocked out from its background. Photo Editing HQ provides background removal services and ensure pure white background or transparent background at lowest cost.

Get exclusive Jewelry Retouching services from Photo Editing HQ. It is a cheaper and quicker option to get top-quality jewelry images for your website. Jewelry with gems, diamond, stone and metal requires intense photo manipulations: color correction, correction of reflections, and more to showcase its real beauty. We ensure your satisfaction on our retouching and then we claim payment from you.

Comprehensive range of image editing services with all types of image masking services including Hair Masking and Deep Etching for both alpha and layer masking. The image masking process involves the use of clipping path for making the specific selection. Image masking service is provided by the designers of Photo Editing HQ for both hair masking as well as deep etching.

Photo Editing HQ is for perfect photo retouching services. Fixing eyes, Adding volume to lips, adjusting makeups, modifying face lighting, getting rid of imperfections, scratch removal, smoothing shiny effects, noise reducing and many more things are done in Photoshop Image retouching. We have portrait head-shot and product photo retouching experts for photo retouching services at low cost.

Photo Editing HQ offers neck joint services for mannequin removal, ghost mannequin, neck joint services with expert graphic designers. We offer ghost mannequin service which effectively shows clothing without any bulge, flaws, or parts of the model or mannequin. Our professional services ensure that only your product is displayed to its full enhancement potential to grab and maintain consumer attention.

E-commerce image websites have a large number of products and can often be buried with too much work which is not achievable by in-house designers. Photo Editing HQ is able to provide professional services for the likes of such businesses, as well as small businesses.